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Apply Now with RealMe

You can now use your RealMe verified identity to apply for study at EIT. If you use your RealMe verified identity you will no longer be sent a copy of your application form to sign. You also will not need to provide us with a copy of your primary ID.

Not sure if you have a RealMe Verified Identity?

The simplest way to check if you have a RealMe verified identity is to log in to “Get verified” from the RealMe Homepage and look for a Green Tick next to “Your Identity”.

Prove your identity with RealMe

If you have verified your identity with RealMe you can securely prove who you are, right now.

What’s RealMe?

The easy way to prove who you are online

RealMe is a service from the New Zealand government that allows you to prove who you are online.

Have you already verified your identity with RealMe?

The answer is yes if you have applied online and then visited a PostShop to have your photo taken, or signed up for a verified identity when you renewed your passport online.

What's so good about being verified?

Once your identity is verified with RealMe, you'll be able to do lots of useful things online - like applying for a new bank account or getting a birth certificate - without needing to visit a branch. Find out more

You can also verify your address with NZ Post. Find out more

Don’t have a RealMe Verified Identity?

You can still choose to apply without using your RealMe verified identity

Click here to Enrol without RealMe